Thursday, 20 December 2012

Winter Solstice 2012 Preparations and Ritual Guide

Tomorrow is the last Winter Solstice of this Great Year and marks the end a 26,000 year cycle of human spiritual evolution. On this special day, we will finally close the door on the Old Way, on Humanity’s long period of separation from the Goddess.

While tomorrow is a day to celebrate this incredible ending, it is also a solemn day. During this period Humanity has been on a huge rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and all souls have experienced great pain and suffering along the way. All that pain and suffering is not going to magically evaporate on the last day of the Great Year, but it does mean that dealing with it will gradually become much easier. In a way, tomorrow is like the end of a huge war that has lasted thousands of years –and like with any war, after the euphoria of ‘victory’ comes the big clean up. So, while we have achieved something momentous that needs celebrating, it is also important that we take a moment during the day to acknowledge the suffering that so many people are still living with.

Many people have been asking me what we can do to ritualise the Solstice and what time the actual event is. Some people will celebrate as the sun comes up, as they do the Summer Solstice but the exact timing of the Solstice is the moment that the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. This will happen at 11.12am GMT – the last minute being 11.11 to 11.12!

While it would be entirely fitting to have a celebration or party it would be highly beneficial to symbolically ‘close the door’ on the Old Way and to take time to pray for world peace before Humanity moves on to the next 26,000 year cycle.  

Solstice Ritual Timings

Sunrise – 11.11am (GMT)

This would be a good time to perform cleansing and purification rituals both for yourself and for Humanity as a whole.

11.11am (GMT)

Symbolically or in your mind’s eye ‘close the door’ on the Old Way. You may even want to visualise the whole of Humanity joining together to close a huge door on pain, poverty and suffering.

Once the door is closed make a silent, spoken or sung prayer for World Peace.

11.12am GMT

Welcome in the new 26,000 year cycle by wishing people a ‘Happy New Great Year!’

Then celebrate to your heart’s content!! : )

If you live in another country, work out your Winter Solstice plans according to your time zone, making sure you perform cleansing rituals beforehand then the door closing and minute prayer at the 11.11 am GMT equivalent, and conduct your celebrations any time thereafter.  


Cleansing Ritual

If you feel you would like to conduct a cleansing ritual, you can choose any activity that feels meaningful to you. The activity you choose is less important than the intension you use when you do it. Here are some suggestions:
1. Write a list of all things you would like humanity to let go of then burn them (please be careful how/where you do this!)

2. Use smudging or incense to cleanse yourself or environment

3. Take a special bath or shower and ask the water to cleanse you

4. If you have crystals, cleanse them in water. It is especially good if you can do this in a fresh spring, stream, river or water fall

5. Have a mini spring clean in your home – hoover, de-clutter, empty rubbish etc.

6. Conduct a short fast from daybreak or midnight on the 20th until 11.12am on the 21st   

7. Light a candle and say a prayer asking Humanity to be cleansed of the past

See you on the Other Side!

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