Shamanic Readings

The Shamanic visions that I receive act as a powerful catalyst for change. This means people often come to me when they have an important decision to make or are at a crossroads in their lives. The shamanic vision uncovers the answers that lie within your own heart.

My Shamanic readings reveal;
  • How to overcome a particular block or obstacle in your life
  • The underlying dynamics in a relationship
  • The core issue in any important decision
  • What your life purpose is requiring of you in the present
  • What is currently required for your healing and personal growth

I had a reading and I cried myself to sleep that night and all the next day. Your guidance led me to embark on a quest to address a long standing creative block, to complete the Artists Way course and continue to explore and heal my old wounds. You gave me an image which has helped me to deal with something which seemed so confusing and depressing before. With many thanks.’
Melissa Milne

‘I found the reading with Freja very helpful. The symbol she brought back from her Shamanic journeying was simple and yet very powerful. The image she gave me captured the essence of the situation I am in and what I need to do. It confirms my reality and in times of doubt it is easy for me to recall that image and to feel reassured and strengthened.’

“Freja’s Shamanic Journey sessions have been very powerful for me, helped me through some challenging times, and given me great food for thought! Freja holds the space very well, which is also warmly welcoming. I felt totally safe, totally supported, and totally respected. She communicates well with spirit which helps her to effectively interpret the symbolism of the journeys. Highly recommended!”

Shamanic Reading Prices
£35 1 hour
£25 half an hour
(Concessions available – please ask)

Telephone readings available.
Price reduction available for group bookings/parties.

"I still am enthralled with my Shamanic journey reading!"

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