Manifesting Mr Wonderful

by Freya Eostre (O Books 2010)

An invitation to transform the way you love…

‘Manifesting Mr Wonderful is an inspirational guide to finding the right man through loving yourself. Freya has her finger on the pulse of modern dating; her work is both spiritual and contemporary. Ignore this book at your peril!’ 
Tracey - MMW group member

‘Through her own life experience and research, Freya seems to have discovered the secret of the male-female dance. We are blessed that she is sharing this insight and wisdom with the world.’ 

Sam - MMW group member

Manifesting Mr Wonderful is a book that offers women a powerful spiritual message: When your heart desires a truly loving relationship, you are being called to re-connect with your inner self and to raise your energetic vibration. Although attracting a relationship can seem straight forward enough, many women have discovered that manifesting Mr Wonderful can be very challenging. Unsatisfying relationships are often repeated until we discover how to break the pattern on a soul level; if we want to manifest a relationship with Mr Wonderful, we must commit to transforming the way we love.

MMW is an insightful guide that will support you on a profound inner journey. You will learn how to re-connect with Source Energy, (the source of all love), and your deeper self. While revealing the sacred dance between masculine and feminine Divine Energy, Manifesting Mr Wonderful offers empowering dating strategies and all the tools you will need to confidently change the way you engage with potential partners. Manifesting Mr Wonderful teaches you how to develop the self-esteem and relationship confidence that will naturally raise your energetic vibration to a level that will attract a deeply satisfying relationship experience.

Manifesting Mr Wonderful:

  • Reveals the spiritual solution to attracting the right partner
  • Offers an in-depth relationship assessment and feedback
  • Explores the issue of low self-esteem in sexual relationships
  • Explains methods for overcoming common barriers to attracting a loving relationship
  • Reveals the nature of the dance between masculine and feminine Divine Energy
  • Lists step-by-step dating and manifesting techniques

    MMW is for women who are:
  • Interested in aiming to have a wonderful loving relationship with a man
  • Single, dating, in the early stages of a relationship or wanting to assess their current relationship
  • Committed to personal development
  • Ready to take responsibility for creating the kind of relationship they want
  • Excited about exploring new relationship and manifesting skills

‘I have found MMW to be enlightening and empowering. I am already seeing positive results in myself. If only Manifesting Mr Wonderful had existed before, my heart would have been saved from some shattering experiences.’ 
Sarah (former MMW group member)

‘I’ve learned a lot from the MMW group and it will certainly put me in good stead for the future. I have become much better at not allowing other people’s energy affect me, at standing my ground and being in tune with how I am feeling. I know I will meet Mr Wonderful when the time is right and in the mean while I will continue loving myself to the max.’ 
Emma (former MMW group member)

An excerpt from the book

Manifesting Mr Wonderful  
by Freya Eostre (O Books 2010)


Have you ever found yourself longing for something more when it comes to love? Would you jump at the chance to get involved in a relationship if you could only find a great one to be in? If your answer is ‘yes’, then this is the book for you.

Maybe you have been willing to accept Mr ‘Good Enough For Now’ because the idea of being able to rustle up any man to go out with sounds promising? Or perhaps you have been single for a while and have given up hope of ever meeting a decent man? Well all that is about to change! If you often feel like this, you will find the principles in this book will lead you to a place of greater optimism and give you all the tools you need to invite a truly fulfilling relationship into your life.

What if you are already in a relationship? Perhaps you feel your relationship (or man) could do with some fine tuning… or maybe you need some help figuring out whether you are with Mr ‘Wonderful In Disguise’ or Mr ‘Thanks, But No Thanks’? Although this book is primarily for single women, if you are in the early stages of a relationship, or perhaps considering ending one, there are many tools in this book that can help you decide. You will discover how to accurately assess your relationship and what you need to do for yourself while you are working things out with your guy.

Whether you are Ms ‘Oh My God You Can’t Be Serious, Why Is This Happening To Me Again?!’ or simply Ms ‘Just Started Looking’; if you are a woman who really wants to experience a wonderful relationship with a loving man, then you have picked up the right book…

♥ The aim of ‘Manifesting Mr Wonderful’ is to enable you to manifest what you truly want in a love relationship.

Just who is Mr Wonderful?

When I talk about Mr Wonderful rest assured, I am definitely not referring to Mr Perfect. He doesn’t exist and more to the point nobody would really want him if he did. Relationships reflect our soul life and you would have a job developing your soul in a relationship with Mr Perfect – worse still you would end up feeling really awful next to him which would defeat the whole object of the exercise! Finding a perfect man is definitely not what we are striving for here – I hope you are relieved to hear.

The term ‘Mr Wonderful’ came about when I realised that all the men I have gone out with, without exception, have made me feel unhappy. I recently realised my deepest desire is to feel wonderful in a relationship, not to just be in one for the sake of it. For me, feeling ‘wonderful’ means feeling comfortable, relaxed and loved for who I am rather than being in a constant state of anxiety, irritation or confusion, all common feelings in an unsatisfactory relationship.

When I was verbalising my ‘want’ in the form of an affirmation, (more on this later,) I kept using the term ‘relationship’ or ‘partner’ and it never quite felt quite right or specific enough. Then the penny dropped. If I want to feel wonderful then I need to manifest Mr Makes Me Feel Wonderful, which quickly became shortened to ‘Mr Wonderful’. I have already started to associate this name with yummy feelings and this is precisely what manifesting is all about.

So as you see, ‘Mr Wonderful’ is simply a man who makes you feel good. You may decide to come up with your own name later in the process but for now, when you read ‘Mr Wonderful’ think of those warm fuzzy feelings that you want to have with the right man for you.

Manifesting Relationships

Recently I decided to have another go at manifesting a decent relationship. I had been single about 6 months and felt the urge to meet someone with whom I could have the sort of relationship I would want to stay in. I started some manifesting magic and almost immediately a curious thing happened. As soon as I started to create a space for a man in my life (more about this later) I was overwhelmed with a sense that my ex was energetically in my flat, even in my bed!

This confused me because I thought that I was over him and this feeling made me question whether I was right to keep him out of my life. Although there are very strong feelings between us, whenever we had got together in the past, it ended up being a roller coaster ride – intense but short lived. Intellectually I did not want him back but emotionally, it seems there was still an attachment and some self doubt.

I got this awful feeling that somehow he knew because I kept bumping into him. Whenever I bumped into him, he usually casually offered to have another round on the roller coaster. This time I was determined not to go there again because I know what the outcome is going to be. Then suddenly, while all this was going on, out of the blue I got asked out by another man in a very forward manner. The long and short of it was this person turned out to have very similar energy to my ex and I was faced only a couple of weeks later with the same basic problem with a completely different guy – I gone and manifested the same thing again!

The manifesting was working, but something was not right; this was not what I asked for. Thankfully I didn’t sleep with the new guy so I was able to move on much more easily. However, it made me question ask; how do I change the kind of relationship I attract? It all felt so familiar and so predictable. ‘How am I ever going to get past this block so I can manifest a decent relationship?’ I wondered.

Well, my prayer was answered. The same day that I realised that the new guy was the same deal, I stumbled across a manifesting book called ‘Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting’. I read it from cover to cover in two days – glued to every page. Finally – the missing piece of the puzzle, the insight into what I had been doing wrong all this time! I discovered something important about manifesting that was causing me to keep attracting more of the same.

This is a very good example of how manifesting works. It shows how easily a new guy was manifested and how I was also able to manifest a vital piece of information to help me along on my quest. I was aware of what I was experiencing and much more able to let go of the new inappropriate guy than I have been in the past – and believe me – it wasn’t because he wasn’t pushing all my buttons… au contraire! I believe all the work I have put in up to that point gave me the resolution which allowed me to say ‘no thanks’. I really did not want to invite another Mr Very Wrong into my life. It also meant I was open to receive the missing information about manifesting…

So, as you can see, I am not writing this book to brag about how easy this all is, (though for some I am sure it is), I am writing because I personally have found it incredibly hard and I hope that you will benefit from my personal experience and research in this fascinating subject. I have tumbled down at many of pitfalls, banged my head on The Brick Wall and run blindly down dead end after dead end. (As you can probably tell – I am one very determined lady…) I sincerely hope all this means I can offer you a comprehensive guide that will accompany you on your journey to love.

Manifesting relationships can sometimes be a challenge because by their very nature; relationships tap into the deepest and most protected parts of our soul. I have discovered that is it really not the same deal manifesting Mr Wonderful as it is manifesting a car parking space or a beautiful new dress. If it was, believe me, I would have been married years ago! Yes, the basic principles are exactly the same but the sneaky barriers that can block the manifestation of a loving relationship are far more complicated and deep seated than that of manifesting a parking space. For some people, manifesting a wonderful relationship may be as easy, for the rest of us – especially those who have been wounded in some way – it takes a much more dedicated approach to get what we want and really deserve in love.

This book will take you through the process of manifesting Mr Wonderful, but more importantly, it will explore all those potential barriers to manifesting what you want in love so that you are much more likely to be successful in your quest. I am not offering you any guarantees or quick fixes, just the opportunity to grow as a person and enjoy the process of manifesting the love you want.

‘Reading the book and being part of the MMW group has been a really powerful experience. It has given me an understanding of how to attract Mr Wonderful into my life by starting with myself. I have gained increased self-esteem and have been reminded of the importance of trusting myself and the Universe. I now want to feel safe, comfortable, valued and respected in my relationships rather than feeling like I am on an emotional roller coaster.’ 
Andrea (former MMW group member)

‘Reading sections of the book at our MMW meetings has been so insightful. While the book covers serious issues, it can also be light-hearted in places, making for an enjoyable read.’ 
Alison (former MMW group member)

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