Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Freja's Astro Advice August 2013

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An intuitive reading for each sign of the zodiac…

The World, Ruby, Openness You have put a lot of time and effort into a project or relationship that is very important to you. When you started out you had a clear idea about your goals and about how you wanted things to turn out. Things are now coming to some form of conclusion, but it may not be in the way you imagined. Keep an open mind and allow things to unfold before deciding whether this is in fact what you want. 

3 Vesicas, Rhodonite, Letting Go You have been putting creative efforts into trying to make something work. However, it seems that you may have been trying to apply a practical solution to essentially emotional problem. You need to decide if this situation would benefit from a more emotional approach before proceeding further and also to make sure you are not looking for love, validation or support where it doesn’t exist.

Patience, Hematite, Simplicity There is a stubborn problem in your life that needs to be properly tackled. Your natural propensity is to flit around such issues, but this really must be tackled head on! Be honest with yourself about the true nature of the issue and what you will need to do to deal with it. Apply the simplest approach possible & be prepared to patiently and resolutely chip away at it until the problem is fully resolved

Maid of Cups, Citrine, Connection You have a lot to offer those you care about, yet your sensitivity can sometimes cause you to clam up or put to put defences between yourself and others to avoid getting hurt. You may not readily admit this and believe that others are not being available or loving enough. Gently accept any feelings of vulnerability and you will find that it becomes much easier to form close emotional ties with others.

8 Swords, Snowflake Obsidian, Earth Something in your physical world is causing your problems right now, possibly money or your health. You are quite determined to ‘get rid of’ the problem and may have spent a lot of time and energy trying to exorcise it and be feeling quite frustrated by it. Before you put any more energy into trying to banish this problem, take some time to look for the hidden message or gift that it brings.

Knight of Swords, Carnelian, Spirit Guide You are making someone or something into your Higher Power, or perhaps someone is trying to act like one and to convince you that you are ‘less than’ equal. You need to cut through the bull and get to the truth: you are an equal human being no matter what role you are playing and you don’t have to put up with rubbish treatment from others. It is time to make self-care your absolute top priority

7 Vesicas, Fluorite, Birth Things are coming to fruition and you are reaping the rewards for your hard work. This isn’t so much a new beginning, as the re-birthing of some aspect of your authentic self. Like with any labour, there will be some pain involved in this process, but rest assured it is the harvesting of something you have been working on for some time. Ask for Spirit to support and guide you during this exciting time.

4 Vesicas, Jade, Challenge Life is full of challenges and you are usually pretty good at facing them head on because you believe this makes you a stronger person and also helps you to feel in control. The situation you are currently facing requires a less direct approach. While it is important to remain true to yourself and your values, you are being challenged to withdraw from the situation and find your inner balance.

The Devil, Red Jasper, Love Someone new may have entered your life or perhaps you are searching for a new adventure. While adventure and new experiences keep life interesting, it is important that you keep your feet firmly on the ground while you explore new territory. There is a danger of you over idealising someone or something or of getting a bit carried away. Remain grounded and take things one step at a time! 

Ace of Vesicas, Malachite, Change While you enjoy progressing in life, you tend to only like change when it is taking you closer to tangible goals. Your current situation requires emotional changes and this feels far less comfortable to you. Try applying your natural determination and clear goal setting to this unfamiliar situation and trust that you will gain a sense of emotional satisfaction when you achieve what you set out to do.

6 Swords, Amazonite, Stability Your perspective on some key issues is changing and may continue to do so for a while. Although this can feel rather unsettling at times, it doesn’t mean that the foundations in your life or internal feelings of stability need to be challenged. Use this time to allow your views to shift and change without giving in to the knee jerk reactions that often follow. That which you feel you urgently need to express may well change in a few weeks, so hold your fire.

High Priestess, Clear Quartz, Conception 
It seems that you are really in tune with your intuition and inner knowing right now, or with a little effort on your part, will be very soon. Your connection to spirit is strong and this is a fabulous time to pray or meditate for answers. If things feel a little uncertain or unclear right now it is only because, like the dark of the New Moon, things are going on under the surface which are not yet ready to be revealed. Test your intuitive powers to see what is coming next.


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