Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ascension & The Evolution of Spiritual Consciousness

Having recently gone through yet another  'wave' – two in fact, I have had some new insights into the ascension process which I would like to share with you.

Each experience has been incredibly intense and often deeply traumatic; it feels like being out in the sea with huge waves crashing over me, sometimes pulling me under for a time. Despite being physically and emotionally exhausted from 19 months of this, somehow I am managing not to drown, though there have been many close calls! Despite the relentlessness of the process, I have a deep inner knowing that the waves are carrying me ever closer to the shore and that I am being completely supported through this process.

I feel like the Goddess is giving birth to me, that I am being born out of Her Cosmic Ocean and that these excruciating waves I have been experiencing are in fact birthing contractions. Whenever the contractions stop I take a deep breath and try to get back to some kind of normality. And each time, to my deep dismay and frustration, that find that I just can't manage it. I have come to realise that this is because I am still stuck in the birth canal! (My back is making damn sure I can't go anywhere or do anything until I am 'out the other side'; it is the limiting factor which is 'holding me down' and enabling the birthing to take place.) 

Each time the 'contractions' have stopped I have mistakenly thought this means that it's finally over. This is partly because I want it to be, partly because it has been going on for so long and partly because I really don't know what to expect once I have reached the 'other side'. I have been imagining that the end of this process will be marked by a gradual 'return to normality' with some exciting perks but I am beginning to see that this is no more likely than a new born baby returning to the womb once s/he has been born!

I now believe that when this birthing process is finally over, it will feel so completely different from being 'back in the womb' or 'squeezed through the birth canal', that there will be absolutely no room for doubt that the process is complete. Until then, I need to accept that there is absolutely no going back, that the only way out is through and that I cannot rush this process. No matter how much will power I try to use – it is going to take as long as it takes and I have come to accept that there really is absolutely nothing I can do but surrender to the process and trust that once I have actually been birthed – I will know I have arrived! 

I have come to believe that the Ascension is the Goddess (Earth) literally birthing the new evolved human being. This is not just a personal evolutionary process or even the evolution of humanity; this is an evolutionary shift of the Earth Herself. (I make no distinction between the Earth and the Goddess.)

Many moons ago I read somewhere on the net that we are entering into the 5th 'Kingdom' on Earth, or perhaps it would be more apt to say we are about to experinence the 5th evolutionary shift on Earth. Let me explain...

1. Out of pure energy the mineral 'kingdom' was born; 2. out of minerals the plant kingdom was born; 3. out of plants the animal kingdom was born; 4. out of animals the human kingdom was born and now, 5. out of humans a new 'spiritually evolved being' is being born. The Ascension of humanity is therefore part of the evolution of the planet; the Goddess is 'birthing' a more evolved aspect of Herself through humanity.

You can better understand this planetary process of evolution by observing the evolutionary process of an individual human being. First you have the seed of potential new life present in both the egg and the sperm, the gametes. Although these gametes carry within them a code of DNA, (the potential for human life) they are nothing more energy and mineral (matter) and if they do not develop into the next phase, they will simply return back to Source. Once these 'energised' minerals are ignited into life, they experience their first evolutionary shift into a growing zygote. The zygote then implants in the womb and becomes an embryo which developes into a foetus.

Once the foetus is ready to be born as a child, it is unrecognisable from its original 'gamete' state. This organism will have already been through a series of mind blowing evolutionary shifts, but it remains completely unaware of this. (As far as we know!) As the new born human being grows from a baby into a child it begins to develop consciousness: The older the human being gets, the more conscious it becomes of itself, its surroundings and its place in the world.

If you take this individual evolutionary process and apply it to the whole of humanity – it too has been through a similar process over many thousands of years. The Ascension process is humanity (as a unified whole) 'coming of age'; reaching maturity, self awareness and a high level of spiritual conscious. If you take the same process again and apply it to the planet, humanity is in fact one phase of evolution in the Greater Evolution of the Earth.  Humanity is 'The Child' phase in the Earth's evolution and now we have reached mature consciousness, we have begun to metamorphose into 'The Adult'; the Enlightened Being.

Here is an analogy of individual and planetary evolution in simple terms:

Gametes (pre-fertilisation; egg and sperm cells) = Mineral Kingdom
Zygote (unattached / floating fertilised egg) = Plant Kingdom
Foetus/Embryo (implanted zygote) = Animal Kingdom
Child = Kingdom of Humanity (Development of Separate Consciousness)
Adult = Kingdom of Evolved Beings (Higher Consciousness on Earth)
Of course, many human souls will not 'make it' to the next phase, in the same way that not every child makes it to adulthood, and not every gamete is fertilised. However, just as minerals, plants, and animals have continued to exist during the human ('child') planetary phase, so human beings will continue to exist once the new 'spiritually evolved' beings have been fully birthed: In short, The Adults will not replace The Children, they will offer help, support and guidance to The Children, who up until recently have been left floundering around by themselves in a 'Lord of the Flies' type scenario.

Ascended Beings will not replace humanity because all Earthly creations are part of a cosmic continuum and each new stage of evolution co-exists alongside the previous stages. All it means is that The Children of the Earth (humanity) will no longer have to struggle without the support of loving 'parental guidance' in the flesh, so to speak. Jesus was the first to Ascend (that we know of) and he paved the way for humanity to begin the Mass Ascension Process. In the New Age, there will be many, many more individuals like him who will help lead the way to Peace on Earth.

Up until now, it has been a case of the blind leading the blind; humanity has been led by our instinctive, child (ego) selves in a bloody, traumatic quest for the survival of the fittest. As humanity has grown up we have developed more awareness of our power. However, without reliable adult (conscious) guidance on how to manage and utilise this incredible power, it has only led us to cause increasingly terrifying damage to ourselves, each other and the planet. The unguided child of humanity has created a chaotic 'hell' here on earth which the New Beings will help to clean up.

2012 is only the beginning – the Earth Goddess is currently in the process of 'birthing' increasing numbers of Ascended Beings while humanity plummets into a deep cataclysmic crisis of its own (unconscious) making. If the Earth is the Great Mother – then she too is in turmoil as she supports the 'birthing' of the Ascended Beings. But rather than the Goddess giving birth to a new baby, the 2012 'birthing' process is actually the metamorphosis of her (human) child through adolescence into adulthood.

Humanity has evolved as far as it can as the Unconscious Child of The Great Goddess and now all that is left for us to do is metamorphose into the natural next state of being; Conscious Adulthood. So, even though I have described the Ascension as a 'birthing' process, which it absolutely is, another analogy for the 2012 process would be the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly...            

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