Saturday, 2 July 2016

Freja’s Astro Advice July 2016

An intuitive reading for each zodiac sign...              

Queen of Vesicas, Haematite, Connection
Aries, you need to stand firm in your inner convictions. It seems that your boundaries may have been crossed in what has up until now been a stable situation offering you security. You know what you want but fear losing an important connection if you do what needs to be done. Your need for self-preservation will always win out, so try and gently nip things in the bud to minimise any fall out. You know in your heart that any connection you have cannot be maintained at the expense of your needs.

King of Cups, Amethyst, Creativity
You have so much to offer the world Taurus and the world has so much to offer you! July sees you questioning the value of a creative project you want to get off the ground or an opportunity that has presented itself to you; perhaps a new job or relationship. Being a pragmatist, you feel excited by the potential but you are a little loath to believe in it until you see some tangible results. Amethyst urges you to let go of the outcome and enjoy the present with all that is currently unfolding in your life.  

Knight of Vesicas, Moonstone, Birth
You are experiencing an emotional birthing process and are trying to find your ground and regain inner stability. Deep emotions are challenging for you, so the temptation is to rely on your practical or rational side to re-balance yourself. This may have worked in the past, but moonstone is calling you to break this old pattern once and for all. The feelings might be scary, but they are simply unfamiliar – try to call upon your sense of adventure and love of new experiences to carry you through! 

Ace of Swords, Citrine, Reflection
You have been reflecting on your direction or a situation that has bothered you for some time and have finally gained some clarity. You are likely to make an important decision this month – a decision that may even change the entire direction of your life. Citrine helps you put your decision into positive, confident action and will also help you manifest the abundance or opportunities you require to make changes. Put aside any anxieties and focus your attention on creating the outcome you want.

7 Swords, Aventurine, Commitment
This month you may find yourself questioning your commitments and wondering where the boundaries lie. Space may have become an issue, either emotional or physical, and tempers could flare. All relationships require negotiation and it is normal to struggle from time to time. Leo is a proud sign so this process can press your buttons! You need to release any built-up tension and invite calm into the situation;. let go of any black or white thinking, and take things one day at a time.    

5 Staffs, Garnet, Fire
Wow, some really potent stuff going on Virgo - you have enough energy and passion to move a small mountain! If there has been some situation where you have been feeling powerless, you finally find the drive to stand up for yourself, for another person or perhaps even a cause. Whatever you put your mind to this month, with the energy of Fire and the daring of Garnet behind you, you are very likely to succeed. So, when you hear your heart calling, don’t be afraid to stand up or take the initiative.

Queen of Swords, Red Jasper, Choice
Oh, how you hate to have to choose Libra, it is so hard for you to pick a side or make a decision and stick to it. When faced with a dilemma your mind becomes clouded by all possibilities and, as the world’s greatest diplomat, you can see the benefits and downsides of them all. Jasper suggests that you need to get out of your head and into your body to resolve this one. Reconnect with your inner balance through yoga, walking, or dancing; once your mind becomes quiet the answer will come.   

The Moon, Black Tourmaline, Earth
Have you been getting a ‘funny feeling’ about someone or something? As a Scorpio you have a highly developed psychic sense for danger, even if you do sometimes choose to override it because enjoy the challenge of a difficult situation! The Moon suggests that you are either confused by your own misgivings or someone is doing a really good job of manipulating your feelings. Take a step back from the confused emotions and listen to your body, it will tell you everything you need to know.

The Hierophant, Malachite, Chaos
There seems to be a situation or relationship where you are handing over your power because you are feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you are overly idealising someone or accepting their authority instead of looking within for the answers? When times get tough, it is easy to fall back into wanting a parental figure to rescue us but ultimately this will not solve anything because as adults, we need to find our own feet. While seeking support or guidance from others, remember that ultimately you are the only real authority in your life.   

3 of Vesicas, Turquoise, Letting Go
A practical, creative, or work related project you have been working on seems to be taking its time to bear fruit. Perhaps you are feeling impatient with regards to the progress that is being made or have got overly caught up in the details and frustrations and lost sight of the over-all goal. There is a need to step back and see the bigger picture; let go of your expectations, both positive and negative, and allow things unfold in their own time. You may even be pleasantly surprised by the end results!

King of Staffs, Rose Quartz, Stability
The King of Staffs suggests a time when you can easily tune into your creative energy and confidently approach any new goals. As you ‘up your game’ you will need to take on more responsibility, and this may challenge and stretched to the core. To help you move forward and continue to grow into the person you are meant to be, it is important that you forgive yourself for any past mistakes (real or imagined) and remain grounded through your connection to Source Energy.

9 of Staffs, Charoite, Challenge

It seems you are feeling a little guarded and wary about a person or an uncomfortable situation you are in. Perhaps you feel the need to hold back on your feelings or possibly to keep an aspect of yourself or your personal views hidden from view. While it is important to be honest and authentic with others, in this case you have good reason to be cautious. You are intuitively picking up on something that needs to be considered so trust your instincts and pay careful attention to any red flags


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