Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Imbolc 2013: Initiating of the Age of Aquarius

So, here we are in 2013 and still in one piece! The Celtic Fire Festival Imbolc will soon be upon us, the initiatory awakening for the next 26,000 year cycle. As I predicted, there were no Hollywood style catastrophes on the Solstice, but that doesn't mean that ‘nothing happened’. All it means is that what is happening is happening energetically and predominantly on an inner level. People are changing on the inside and all changes of consciousness eventually ripple out and manifest in the outer world. One only has to look at the public outcry in India in response to one (sadly not uncommon) extremely violent sexual act to see the tide is already turning. That sort of collective reaction can only come about when the seeds of change have already grown strong within the human psyche because all social and political reform begins with people inwardly ‘waking up’.

Now that the door has energetically been closed on the Old Way, the established powers will find it increasingly difficult to control and manipulate the populous. Those individuals who continue to attempt to abuse and dominate whether out of fear or an active desire for power will find they are no longer supported by the blanket denial and collusion of collective. I predict over the next few years there will be many more dramatic, shocking ‘falls from grace’ for those high profile individuals and individuals who are abusing their power. Ordinary individuals will also find it increasingly difficult to tolerate repression or abuse whether within their personal relationships or in the outside world. As a result of this awakening, there will be many more uprisings, riots, revolutions and a general feeling of social unrest. But rather than fearing the chaos, we must embrace it for the chains of collective slavery must be broken if we are to find a way to build a peaceful, egalitarian future for humanity.     

So what can we personally do to help ‘bring in’ the New Age? Well there are many things we can do, but it is useful to begin with setting our intentions. While Solstice 2012 was about finally releasing ‘that which no longer works’, Imbolc 2013 is about identifying what you want to manifest and opening yourself to receive it. We may want to focus our intentions on world peace, and this is a worthy cause. However, world peace requires happy individuals and to achieve this we must turn our thoughts toward inner peace. Often we focus on all the chaos and pain ‘out there’ and forget that ‘out there’ is simply a manifestation of what exists ‘in here’. Yes, we need to be aware of what goes on in the world and to contribute to making a difference in whatever way we can. However, if we fixate on the state of the world instead of looking within we will be frustrated in our efforts because ultimately we only have power over ourselves.

Attachment to trying to fix other people or circumstances ‘out there’ is often a distraction from dealing with our own inner issues. If you feel unhappy, scared, lost, confused or uncomfortable being alone (with no distractions), I highly recommend that you make healing your own inner state of being your No.1 priority and trust that world peace will be the eventual natural outcome of this. The pain, abuse and suffering that we would all like to see come to an end stems from inner conflict and disconnection from Source. As Ghandi said ‘Be the change you want to see’ – and to do this you will need a strong, positive, loving relationship with your Self.

It is often much harder to look within than it is to focus on the outside world because of how we are taught to behave as children. It is the job of our caregivers to teach us how to be responsible in our actions while remaining true to ourselves. When we are taught to blindly ‘do as we are told’ for their reward or approval rather than to find a responsible way to be true to ourselves, we develop a codependent approach to life – we learn to live our lives through others. In this codependent state we must please, placate, manipulate and control to get our needs met, because we have not developed the skills or awareness to relate to and nurture our inner selves directly. In severely codependent states, we are so removed from our inner selves that we are really do not know who we are, how we feel or what we need except in relation to other people. This extremely frightening and powerless existence creates the compulsion to control and manipulate others in an attempt to make ourselves feel better. Give someone with no ability to know, love and care for themselves political or corporate power and they will take their inner battle for control onto the world stage. This is how wars start.

While we cannot change the unstable, egocentric individuals who are in power, we can change ourselves. And when we change ourselves we automatically show others what must be done to heal. As more people connect to their inner ‘authentic’ selves, we will naturally begin to choose leaders who mirror our personal integrity. For this to happen we must STOP abusing ourselves on every level; we must learn how to care for our bodies and minds and re-connect with our emotional and spiritual selves. Self-care may seem ‘selfish’, but actually people only become ‘selfish’ and egocentric when they don’t know how to meet their own needs. Once we can lovingly care for ourselves, the need to control, manipulate or abuse others evaporates.

So, if you really want to see love on a global level then make it your intention to lovingly care for yourself, no matter what. If you want to see world peace, then take time to heal the conflicts within your own fractured psyche. If you want those in power to be more responsible, start taking responsibility for your own neglected needs, whatever they may be. If you want other people to start treating you better, then it is time to treat yourself with more consideration and respect. If you want people to love you more, then learn how to deeply and unconditionally love yourself. Whatever you feel most attached to seeing change ‘out there’, whether in the larger world or in the people you know is exactly what you need to start giving to yourself.  And giving yourself what you need is exactly how you will change the world, because a world full of happy self-caring people is a world full of people who have so much more to give.

Want to celebrate Imbolc 2013?

True Imbolc takes place whenever the Sun reaches 15 degrees Aquarius, which can occur on different dates from year to year. Traditionally it is celebrated on the 2nd of February but this year Imbolc actually takes place on the 3rd at 4.14pm GMT. If you would like to do a ceremony to celebrate beginning of the New Great Year and/or to ritualise your intentions, Sunday the 3rd would be the best day. Imbolc is all about cleansing and renewal so a good place to visit would be where there is naturally vibrant running water, preferably a spring, waterfall or a lively bubbling brook. Lighting a fire is also an important component of honouring the Goddess Brigit on Her special day. If you want more information about how to celebrate or ritualise Imbolc, there is plenty of information online. Whatever you decide to do on Sunday the 3rd, find a way to open your heart to all the wonderful new possibilities of the Aquarian Age and New Great Year. Enjoy!



  1. Thank you! You have put words on a feeling that has been growing inside for years.
    You have defined the word LOVE and explained how to get there: preaching by doing, leading by walking the path, being the change you want to see. If I want to spread LOVE and PEACE, is there a better way to draw others to the cause than showing how good it works for me first?
    Self-love and selfishness are certainly not the same thing!

    1. Thank you for your comment Boris : ) Glad you found the article confirming of your journey. As you say, genuine self love is never selfish. Imagine a world where everyone loved, cared and respected themselves... what a wonderful peaceful world it would be!

      Freja xx