Thursday, 5 April 2012

Top Tips for Ascension

1. Release all attachments to wounded, unconscious individuals, trusting their souls will catch up in good time.
Waiting or trying to encourage them to grow or change or heal only holds both of you back. They must feel the calling within or they will not be motivated to do the work required. You growing, healing and being liberated is more likely to inspire them than cajoling them will. Believing you have to wait for someone else is an illusion that will distract your attention and hold you back from spiritual evolution. Be strong! Move on! Do it for the evolution of humanity of your can't yet do it for yourself.

2. Release all attachment to sex and romance, trusting healthy separation between the sexes creates space for a new positive conscious relationships to emerge.
The (desperate) pursuit of sex and romance is the most powerful vehicle for distracting and undermining people and slowing down the evolutionary process. Do not buy into the disempowering myth that you need a relationship or sex to be happy and fulfilled or that it is only in sexual relationships that 'true love' and 'real belonging' reside. Learn to love and honour yourself. Learn how to tap into the Source of ALL love. Learn how to meet your social emotional needs through friendship and community. If you are currently single and struggling with sexual relationships, commit to working on your relationship with yourself until you are ready for a conscious, non abusive, non dependent, equal sexual relationship. Accept that this may not be in this life time and if it isn't it doesn't mean you have failed or that there is something wrong with you, it means that your precious creative energy can be channelled into into healing the planet and you'll get your turn later! 

3. Direct all personal creative and sexual energy into self healing, sharing positive ideas, building communities and connecting with the Goddess.
Do not allow this precious resource to be stolen by ‘energy sucking’ wounded individuals or redirected into chasing the 'mirages' of sex, romance, approval, status, security, money or success. When you align your life with your true spiritual purpose and seek to honour the Earth Goddess, you will find yourself being supported directly by the Universe – you will not need to ‘sell out’ or agree to giving your energy away to those who wish to profit energetically or materially from your efforts. By doing this, you will not only liberate yourself from enslavement, you will also be enabling Source energy to be redirected so that it can be used for the good of the whole rather than the (incredibly obscene and destructive) profit of the few.

4. Let go of ALL painful illusion(s) that you are unloved, alone, worthless, unwanted, excluded, ‘not good enough’ or rejected.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is nothing wrong with you!! You do not have to believe any of these illusions if you don’t want to, no matter how compelling the evidence! And yes, they can ALL be wrong!! When you remain attached to the excruciatingly painful FALSE belief that there is something mysteriously wrong with you, it will trap you in the desert and drive you to waste your precious Life Force chasing mirages. When you choose to identify yourself as ‘the one that nobody wants/loves’ or ‘the one who is never good enough’ your psyche remains wide open to further attack from unconscious and often unscrupulous individuals who will never allow you to feel loved, connected, valued, included, worthy or accepted. This is because it is only by keeping you feeling bad that they can continue controlling you and taking your energy. They will NEVER stop doing this! You must find a way to CLOSE THE DOOR on this false pain and the psychic attacks on your personal energy. Stop giving your power away and remember who you are!    



  1. Yet again another spot on message from Freja! Thank you.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully more writing on the way... F x